History of our Firm

Cole, Evans & Peterson was organized in October 1957. Partners in the Firm include William Jefferson Cole, Barry S. Shipp, Steven W. Hedgepeth, Steven R. Bayer, Bailey B. Baynham, Robert A. Busby, Anne-Marie Cole, Timothy W. Borst, Eric D. Smith, Kyle S. Dobbins,  Matthew R. Hahn, Faye D. Barfield, Kelly B. Nelson, George D. (Trey) Fauber, III, R. Scott Moore, Adam J. Cain, and Jonathan B. West.  Additionally, Carol T. Barnes and Austin G. Robertson, Jr. serve Of Counsel.  Our Firm has enjoyed substantial growth since its inception and is currently one of the largest local firms in Shreveport, Louisiana.


The primary operating objective of our Firm is to provide to our clients excellent, cost-effective professional services and thus, to insure satisfying careers for our partners and personnel.  We strive actively and continuously for excellence of performance and higher levels of service through a practice that adheres to professional standards and ethics, and commands the respect of our colleagues and clients.