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5th Floor - Travis Place
624 Travis Street
Shreveport, LA 71101-3014

Phone: (318) 222-8367
Fax: (318) 425-4101




William Jefferson Cole, CPA Steven R. Bayer, CPA Timothy W. Borst, CPA
Carol T. Barnes, CPA Timothy R. Durr, CPA Eric D. Smith, CPA
C. William Gerardy, CPA Bailey B. Baynham, CPA Kyle S. Dobbins, CPA
Barry S. Shipp, CPA  Robert A. Busby, CPA Matthew R. Hahn, CPA
Steven W. Hedgepeth, CPA Anne-Marie Cole, CPA Faye D. Campbell, CPA

M. Alton Evans, Jr. -  Partner Emeritus                        Austin G. Robertson, Jr., CPA - Of Counsel

Staff Accountants
John A. Caskey, CPA Jana Johnston Cox, CPA Jennifer Turner
J. Amy Hemmings, CPA Andrew Wilhite, CPA Adam J. Cain
Linda K. Bible, CPA Scott Moore, CPA Madison Correll
Kate Thaxton Gray, CPA Trey Fauber, CPA Tabitha Adams
Kelly B. Nelson, CPA Stephanie Carroll, CPA Andy Bui


Seth Smith
Other Staff
Bonnie Allen Ashley Dinkins Jennifer Lomas
Rick Bagnard Heather Fisher Melissa Malone
Karen Barnes Darren Fulco Cindy Millen
Kimberly Beckman Lori Gerardy Lois Point
Michelle Brown Jessica Golden Bridgette Rushing
Tina Burford Marlin Hadley Betty Ulmer
Carrie Cagle Laura Jennings Virgina Webb
Molly Carroll Kimberly King Mark Webb
Vickie Collom Sarah Lee Kathleen Yerby
Yvonne Day